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Re: I have problem with base file installation

On Mon, 27 Apr 1998, Philippe BARBELET wrote:

: Hi Debian Linux Users,
: I have loaded from ftp.debian.org site all files to install the Linux
: base on a
: PC. All was good but...
: The installation program read the 5 floppy disks from "base-1" to
: "base-5"
: but at the end it wrote "Error: checksum is not good".
: I built the 5 disks again as it was written whith the rawrite2 program
: and whith an other
: unix system whith dd command. I had the same result.
: So I reload the files again from the site and I built again the medias.
: It's still wrong.
: Do you know this problem and the solution to apply ?

The last disk is not a "full" disk image, so make sure you format the
disk with DOS first.  I've had this happen a few times.

(I suppose you could use Linux tools to lay down a DOS filesystem as
well, but I'm assuming you don't have another Linux box handy)

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