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Re: NFS IP and Microsoft for Workgroups IPX (on same bus)

On Tue, 14 Apr 1998, Damon Muller wrote:

> >The billvirus has IPX/SPX compatible transport with NetBIOS and Microsoft
> >NetBEUI installed. Default is Microsoft NetBEUI.
> >
> >Question: We want to share the hard disks, but can't manage to make the
> >network working with the billvirus machine. How can we achieve this ?
> Okay, well your subject line starts with NFS, so I'm making a stab in the
> dark here, and I'm going to assume you were planning on using NFS. 
> I don't know much about NFS, but one of the things that I do remember
> hearing is that it's a TCP/IP system. You're only runing IPX and NetBEUI. 
> The Best Solution (tm) for you is to probably investigate SAMBA
> (samba.anu.edu.au, if my memory serves me correctly), and install TCP/IP on
> your Winblows machine. That will let you share drivers and printers between
> the windows machine and the real computers <grin>. It's easy enuf to
> compile from source, and is well documented, but I assume some nice person
> has gone off and made a .deb package for you to use.

I think that Damon is right. You should better take a look a Samba. You
don't have to get the original distribution, because there is a Debian
package available. If you recomile your kernel (with SMBFS activated) you
can even mount the WfW machines hard drive on your linux boxes (pretty

For you WfW client, take care, that you use "Microsoft TCP/IP 32b for WfW"
because there are other (older) TCP/IP stacks out there, and these are



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