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Re: Installing Mouse Driver

> When I was installing Debian (which should be the latest version - I
> received the CD only recently) I was given the option to install mouse
> support in the kernal.  I attempted to do so, but this produced a
> "device in use" error or something similar.
> I have no objections to reinstalling Debian (I have done so twice
> already) but this error always occurs.

You don't have to reinstall Debian for that. (It won't help much anyway).
The truth is that there are quite a few "mouse drivers" in the menu you
mentioned. What kind of mouse do you have: serial or busmouse?
If busmouse - is it PS2 or some other type? Please tell us as much as you
know about it. If you don't know the answer even to the first question, 
tell us what kind of plug the mouse have - round or not?

Anyway, my guess would be that you have a ps2 mouse. In this case
just do (as root) "insmod psaux". If it works, then you should use
/dev/psaux device to configure X or gpm (and ps2 protocol).

Alex Y.

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