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Re: is this the end of debian?

>Alex> of course it is the developers. as some of them made it quite
>Alex> clear in their messages they couldn't care less about the
>Alex> users. too bad.
>	That was uncalled for. Debian has always tried to be friendly
> to the users (though repsonses like this do make me wonder why)

my apologies. and speaking of real jobs, us, non-developers have real
jobs too (but it's only 1:30am here in california). i am trying to do
my part to help with debian (answering questions on the lists, helping
friends and colleagues who run debian on their boxes, etc), and maybe
one day i'll choose to become a developer myself. anyway, i better not
say anything stupid even though i am tempted to. 


| I believe the moment is at hand when, by a paranoiac and active |
|  advance of the mind, it will be possible (simultaneously with  |
|  automatism and other passive states) to systematize confusion  |
|  and thus to help to discredit completely the world of reality. |

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