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Re: I am leaving Debian

On Fri, 20 Mar 1998, Ian Perry wrote:

> Your statement that "free software to the masses really isn't
> compatible with Debian" is disturbing.

i think he said that it is incompatible with his vision.

> I have spent a considerable amount of time over the last four months
> investigating and trialling Debian, over slackware and redhat, as we
> are in the near future about to install some serious hardware running
> under Linux.  Debian, so far, is ahead.
> Can you please clarify your statement, as it appears to point to
> Debian going commercial, which will lead to all sorts of nasties.

debian is NOT going commercial.  our committment to free software and the
free software community is as strong as ever.

i hope that answers your question :-)


PS: as you noted, we are way ahead in terms of quality and we intend
to stay that way. we probably need some sort of evangelism/marketing
team to spread the word about debian. this will probably be a good
opportunity for users who want to contribute something back to debian
but aren't confident about their coding skills...not everyone is a
programmer, but everyone has some valuable skill they can contribute if
they have the time or inclination.

craig sanders

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