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Non Debian Specific Network Security question

Sorry that this is not debian specific, but on the off chance that someone
does read this, thanx!

I am about to put work onto the internet to run a web server, and for
users to browse the web and exchange email.

I have registered a domain, for example xyz.com
The link will be a dedicated dialup, until I can justify isdn. My isp will
provide me with a static ip. The box on my end of this link will be a
Debian machine.  The web server will run on this box.  I will use ip
firewalling and masquerading on this machine also. My internal network is
a class A, per rfc1918. I will call this machine www.xyz.com  This machine
is dual homed with the ip from my isp, and

I dont want users to see a machine one the internal network, such as
applications.xyz.com( thru nslookup et al.

My question is: should I run an internal domain server for a made up
domain, such as xyznet, ie the applications machine will really be

I understand that will not be reachable from the internet, but I
do not want anyone knowing about it's existance.

If i run a made up domain internally, www.xyz.com will have to relay mail
to services.xyznet. Also, I assume that ms outlook(i know, i know) will
have to be configured to use xyz.com as the senders address.

Does this make sense?

Thanks in advance!
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