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Re: mtools: mmove usage

On Wed, 4 Mar 1998, Ulf Jaenicke-Roessler wrote:

>  how am I supposed to use mmove?
>  I think it should be called just like mcopy.

Though the syntax may look superficially similar, that's about the only
connection between mmove and mcopy. 

> However, while
>  'mcopy a: /dos/e' works,

Here, /dos/e is on a unix filesystem. About "a:", the documentation says

       fer.  A missing drive  designation  implies  a  Unix  file
       whose  path  starts in the current directory.  If a source
       drive letter is specified with no attached file name (e.g.
       mcopy a: .), all files are copied from that drive.

> 'mmove a: /dos/e' doesn't.

For a start, there's no source file specified. And if it were to take 
that to mean a:*.* (it doesn't), it would necessarily loop: \ goes to 
\dos\e, therefore \dos\e goes to \dos\e\dos\e ad infinitum.
Remember, \dos\e is on a: and not on unix.

> The man
>  page and the info file didn't help.
>  Any hints? Or is it a bug?

Perhaps you read the man page thinking that "move a b" means
"copy a b" and then "delete a". It doesn't.


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