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Install problem

Dear Sirs:
I am a newbie at Linux and having a problem tring to load it.  I have the
Tri_Linux package from Linux Systems Labs so that I can try the Different
distributions and have so far attempted to install Red Hat 5.0 and Caldera
Open-Linux Lite.  So far I haven't gotten any distribution installed
because my CDROM isn't being seen, this includes auto and manually.  I
have a proprietary CDROM Orchid CDS-3110 connected to the Orchid GameWave
32 sound card.  Supposedly from the research I done this CDROM is
supported and supposedly it is under the aztcd module.  Like I said I
have tried the auto and manual appproaches.  I located my I/O addresss
(360)and loaded aztcd=0x360 at the boot prompt  and it still dosen't see
my CDROM.  As far as I know I have done everything I can is this CDROM
actually supported or am I doing something wrong?? I have checked
everything out and all my hardware is supported.  Could
someone please help me out with this...

My email address is rossmea@email.uah.edu.

Thanks in advance

Anthony Rossmeier

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