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Re: NCPFS seems broken on 2.1 kernels...

At 12:03 PM 2/16/98 +0000, Kevin cave wrote:

>Sorry to be a pest, but can you tell me where I can find the Incoming
>directory? I'm probably being a bit daft, but I can't seem to find it under
>ftp.debian.org - if that's where it is..

Since the package ncpfsx is new, processing takes longer than for packages
that already exist so it'll take some time until you see it in the main
Hamm distribution. New packages always stay in the Incoming directory of
master.debian.org that is the directory that receives package uploads done
by the Debian maintainers.

If you want to use a new package before it is integrated into the main
distribution, you need to use a site that mirrors that directory. Try




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