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Re: spam mail or mail relay

Daniel Mashao <daniel@comgate.ee.uct.ac.za> writes:

> Thanks for the explanation. Now I would like to know how do I stop mail
> relaying in smail. I heard some people say smail is the biggest culprit
> and I need to get something like exim or sendmail.
> Is smail that insecure? And how can I know I am secure?

Smail 3.2.100 in hamm does this. It does it that good, that you should
only use it on permanently connected hosts for now.

Mailrelay is no really a problem for dialup hosts anyway.

To test it, enter your host as the smtp host in your mailsetup and send a
mail to some address outside this smtphost.

The smtp-host should not consider the computer you are running this
mailprogramm on, as part of its localnet, so dialin to a different ISP.

If you try to send this mail, you should get an error from the smtp-server
("we do not relay" or such).

If you decide to go for the smail from hamm, backup your
/etc/aliases. It got wiped out on my host because I run smailconfig in
post-inst (I believe). 


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