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Re: FetchMail Problem

Kevin Traas wrote:

> I've searched through the FetchMail docs and I've only come up more unsure
> and, possibly, confused than I was before.  I'm hoping you can help.
> I have a multi-drop mailbox at my ISP that I pull mail from.  We have about
> 30 users on this end that mail from this box gets distrubuted to.
> Right now, I'm having problems with any mail that gets sent to multiple
> local recipients because the "X-Envelope-To" address contains the multi-drop
> mailbox address and not the names of the intended recipients.  (Strangely
> enough, my ISP (running Exim 1.73) formats "X-Envelope-To:" properly when
> there's only one recipient....)
> So, my questions are:
> 1.  Can I have FetchMail look at "To:" to determine recipients rather than
> "X-Envelope-To"?  (i.e. using "envelope" keyword)  My reason for this
> question is that the "To" header may/will have addresses that are not local
> to my domain.  Will FetchMail try to redirect mail to these non-local
> addresses as well?  i.e. how can I have it only process the local domain?

You can use the address in the To: header. If the address isn't local, 
the mail will go to the user running fetchmail.

> 2.  The newer versions of Exim (>1.80) will allow multiple addresses on the
> "X-Envelope-To".  Will FetchMail be able to handle multiple addresses in one
> header?  (Of course, the answer to this one will determine whether 1) above
> works...)

I don't know.

Glynn Clements <glynn@sensei.co.uk>

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