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FetchMail Problem

I've searched through the FetchMail docs and I've only come up more unsure
and, possibly, confused than I was before.  I'm hoping you can help.

I have a multi-drop mailbox at my ISP that I pull mail from.  We have about
30 users on this end that mail from this box gets distrubuted to.

Right now, I'm having problems with any mail that gets sent to multiple
local recipients because the "X-Envelope-To" address contains the multi-drop
mailbox address and not the names of the intended recipients.  (Strangely
enough, my ISP (running Exim 1.73) formats "X-Envelope-To:" properly when
there's only one recipient....)

So, my questions are:

1.  Can I have FetchMail look at "To:" to determine recipients rather than
"X-Envelope-To"?  (i.e. using "envelope" keyword)  My reason for this
question is that the "To" header may/will have addresses that are not local
to my domain.  Will FetchMail try to redirect mail to these non-local
addresses as well?  i.e. how can I have it only process the local domain?

2.  The newer versions of Exim (>1.80) will allow multiple addresses on the
"X-Envelope-To".  Will FetchMail be able to handle multiple addresses in one
header?  (Of course, the answer to this one will determine whether 1) above

Thanks for any help/comments/info you can provide.


Kevin Traas
Technical Consultant
Baan Business Systems

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