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Re: newbie question

Mark Goble wrote:


A couple of suggestions from someone _still_ in the newbie stage:

Get ahold of the Debian installation instructions and read up on using deselect to install XFree86.  Another good set of Debian specific instructions is the "Debian User's Guide" by Dale Scheetz

Get "Linux in a Nutshell" from O'Reilly & Associates... a good reference for what to do at the prompt,
i.e. commands, editors, etc. (I think it's www.ora.com)

Keep reading this mail list! When you have a Debian question you really can't find the answer to, ask it here... the support is great!

As you have questions, read the pertinent HOWTO's.  Visit the various Linux sites out there... they're
popping up all over the 'net! I've found a number of folks have put up "hint" pages and the like that sometimes seem a little more understandable that some of the HOWTO's.

I've found that my occasional frustration could have been avoided by really paying attention to the documentation. I'm running Debian 1.3 on my 586, sharing my hard drive with Win95.  The only reason I'm keeping winbloze at this point is because M$ office is what's in use at my work...

Have fun!


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