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struct utmp

Hi, I'm programming under Linux 2.0 (debian 1.3.1) and when I get
the utmp entry of the current session I get the utmp->ut_host correctly
but I get "0" as utmp.ut_addr... doesn't mather  where the  conection comes

the code looks like

struct utmp *my_utmp;
printf("\n%ld\n", my_utmp->ut_addr);

Other questions: 

+ Why IP number in utmp is long and IP number in in_addr is unsigned long?
  In HPUX both structures  are unsigned long! and utmp Linux functions
  claims to be XPG2 conformance like HPUX! but utmp structs differ! (linux
  lacks on some fields)
+ Why hostname is only 16 long? (This is also in HPUX)
+ Why most daemons logs with hostname instead of IP, so you can't always get
  the adresss of the remote site?
+ Is there another easy way to get remote IP adresss in a user program 
  once the user has logged in?

Any comment will be greatly appreciated, please emailme a CC to

Thanks in advance


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