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Re: Install CD rom drive

On Thu, Feb 05, 1998 at 11:16:10PM -0800, Emanuel.Finger@anet.baynet.de wrote:
> Hi,
> My system is a Debian/Gnu Linux 1.3, Kernel 2.0.29. I can´t install the
> CD-Rom drive. It is a Mitsumi Atapi IDE CD-Rom connected to the
> Soundblaster 16 card (IRQ 11, address 0x1e8). I´ve used the CD-Rom
> installation utility for Soundblaster Pro "sbpcd" with command line
> options sbpcd=0x1e8,11. It failed.

I have had a similar setup with CD-ROM/soundcard that you described above.
What I had to do was to connect the CD-ROM cable to the secondary IDE connector
on my motherboard (right next to the hard drive connecter) and then it worked
just fine as /dev/hdc.  It did not need the sbpcd driver, just the standard
IDE one.

Hope this helps.


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