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Re: single user mode

In article <199802051531.KAA14072@chrisco.nrl.navy.mil>,
Doug Smith <douglas@chrisco.nrl.navy.mil> wrote:
>During the boot process the system stops and queries the user for
>a password.  This happens when checking root (/dev/hda3 check forced... 
>and root is mounted read-only. 
>Aparently, the root file system has been corrupted as it contains an 
>unattached inode. My question: what is the password? It won't accept the 
>root password at this point.

It _is- the root password. If it isn't, your password file might
be corrupted (slighty, otherwise sulogin wouldn't ask for a password
at all).

Or it is a genuine bug in sulogin. Always possible, but pretty unlikely..

Wait.. do you have shadow passwords and a different root password in
/etc/passwd and /etc/shadow ?

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