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following hamm upgrade dselect can't find Packages file


I used the auto-upgrade script to upgrade to hamm, then used dselect |
ftp to upgrade a couple hundred packages in /hamm/hamm, then after I was
through I rebooted and life was good. Good work, Debian Team. :-)

Then I restarted dselect and decided to upgrade /hamm/non-free and
/hamm/contrib, but now dselect can't find the Packages files.  Further,
reverting to /hamm/hamm, dselect can't find the Packages files. I know
it's right there, because I'm looking at it in a ftp client.  I've even
changed mirrors.  I've got dpkg 1.4.20, dpkg-dev 1.4.20, dpkg-ftp 1.4.9,
which I've verified are the latest.

The error message looks like this:
Connecting to ftp.debian.org...
Login as anonymous...
Setting transfer mode to binary...
Cd to /debian...
Getting Packages file from /hamm/non-free/binary-i386...
Could not find Packages[.gz] in /hamm/non-free/binary-i386, stoppedFTP

update available list script returned error exit status 1.
Press RETURN to continue.

I even downloaded the Packages file and ran dpkg -A Packages, and
the new list was displayed in dselect, but when I selected [I]nstall,
dselect said: "Couldn't find packages file for _hamm_non-free
distribution (re-run Update)".

How can I get dselect to see the Packages files again?

D a v i d   S t e r n                          

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