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Re: help with SB AWE 64 !

On Wed, 4 Feb 1998, Alex Yukhimets wrote:

> Hi.


> I failed to configure my AWE64 sound card.

Ok, lets have a look at the problems...

> By following all the instructions in the min-HOWTO I come up with very
> predictable result - system hangs solid on my attempt to insert sound
> module.

This is the first time I heard of such a problem, very interesting indeed!
> I installed the latest OSS-Free driver, patched with AWE extentions,
> compiled the kernel (2.0.33), run pnpdump (ver 1.9), it failed to detect
> all three chanels of the wavetable- I inserted them manually, all data was
> availble from the card manual. I also had to put (WAITFORKEY) in there.
> isapnp runs OK, module lock my computer solid.

Mmmh. Please, could you provide me with all relevant conf files (including
kernel configuration and boot messages)? I hope I am able to help you, but
I need some more information. PLease give me also the version number of
the OSS-Free driver, as you said you installed the "latest". Did you also
try the standard version that ships with the 2.0.33 kernel?

> I am running out of ideas. Please help...

I will have ideas when I see your files, I hope. It is not the usual sort
of problems I hear of. What Liunux version do you use? How do you compile
and install modules?

Hope I can help you,

PS: Perhaps better to not bother the list with the conf-files, or?

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