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Re: Sending email(smail) **FIXED**

On Wed, 4 Feb 1998, Adam Heath wrote:

> > > Sorry, but it doesn't.  I use Pine, with the smtp host as localhost.  Pine
> > > comes back as saying it can't be delivered.  I believe this is because smail
> > > is trying to resolve with dns, can't, and gives up.
> > 
> > What version of smail do you use?
> > If you use X, make your xterm as wide as possible, try again and tell us
> > the exact errormessage smail gives you.
> > 
> > Does
> > 
> > mailx -s testmail adam.heath@usa.net
> > testmail
> > ..
> > 
> > work?
> Yes, this does.
> Smail:
> Pine: 3.96L-2
> This is the error message I get:
> [Mail not sent. Sending error: 450 defer '<adam.heath@usa.net>', sender]
> Let me state this again.  Sending mail on the cmd line will queue mail for
> later delivery when not online.  However, if I am in Pine, it(Pine) attempts
> to use the local smtp relay(localhost), and mail delivery fails(doesn't
> queue).

I installed exim.  This can be set to queue all mail destined for non-local
hosts, no matter how it entered the system.

Smail would queue mail generated with the "mail" command, but if done through
smtp, it would try to resolve dns before queueing.  When offline, dns would
fail, and pine would error out.  Online, however, dns would work and smail
would put the mail into the outgoing queue.

This is broken, in my mind.  For smail to queue outgoing smtp mail received
through smtp, you must be online.  What is the point in that?


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