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Re: Sending email(smail) **FIXED**

Adam Heath <adam.heath@usa.net> writes:

> > Smail:
> > Pine: 3.96L-2
> > 
> > This is the error message I get:
> > [Mail not sent. Sending error: 450 defer '<adam.heath@usa.net>', sender]
> > 
> > Let me state this again.  Sending mail on the cmd line will queue mail for
> > later delivery when not online.  However, if I am in Pine, it(Pine) attempts
> > to use the local smtp relay(localhost), and mail delivery fails(doesn't
> > queue).
> I installed exim.  This can be set to queue all mail destined for non-local
> hosts, no matter how it entered the system.
> Smail would queue mail generated with the "mail" command, but if done through
> smtp, it would try to resolve dns before queueing.  When offline, dns would
> fail, and pine would error out.  Online, however, dns would work and smail
> would put the mail into the outgoing queue.
> This is broken, in my mind.  For smail to queue outgoing smtp mail received
> through smtp, you must be online.  What is the point in that?

Smail is from unstable. It has some new anti-spam features,
which cause problems in a case like yours.

On dialup-connections this can/will cause problems. This problem is
reported as a bug and will be resolved before debian 2.0

The smail from stable = bo works fine.


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