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Re: procmail and folders

On Wed, 4 Feb 1998, Remco Blaakmeer wrote:

> > Don't know if you're interested in this input, but if you use
> > sendmail instead of smail, it can just automatically use procmail
> > to deliver mail.  Thus, you don't need a .forward file at all.
> > You just have to make sure that procmail is installed and deliver
> > is not when you install sendmail.  Then sendmail will configure
> > itself to use procmail for all local mail delivery.
> You can do the same with smail, using some changes to
> /etc/smail/transports.
> This is what I used to have (I think it was created by smailconfig):
> local: driver=appendfile, from, local, inet, return_path, unix_from_hack;
>        append_as_user, check_user, file=/var/spool/mail/${lc:strip:user},
>        group=mail, mode=0660, notify_comsat, suffix="\n"
> Change the above to this:
> local:  driver=pipe, from, local, return_path, unix_from_hack;
>         user=root, cmd="/usr/bin/procmail -f- -d $($user$)"
> Now all locally delivered mail will be handled by procmail. Mail for users
> that don't have a .procmailrc will go into /var/spool/mail/<username>,
> just like it should. You don't need a .forward with this setup.
> Remco

Thank you. I've made all the above changes, but it still doesn't work.


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