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Re: procmail and smail

On Tue, 3 Feb 1998, Britton wrote:
> I am having some trouble getting dpkg-ftp to work installing hamm.  I have
> included some stuff from a dpkg-ftp session (run from dselect) below, in
> case anyone can see the problem:

> Processing Package files...
> Couldn't find packages file for dists/unstable/main distribution (re-run
> Update)
> Couldn't find packages file for dists/unstable/non-free distribution
> (re-run Update)
> Couldn't find packages file for dists/unstable/contrib distribution
> (re-run Update)

Hi Britton!

The most important information you failed to include: what version is
dpkg-ftp? If it is 1.4.8, upgrade to 1.4.9. This should give you whatyou
want ;)

I was bitten by this just yesterday. Thanks to the nice people at
irc.debian.org! Thanks to igor and gorgo!


PS: Britton: I now have midi cable and small keyboard for testing. I have
the same problems as you. I filed a bug report against rosegarden, but I
dont expect much... perhaps I have some time for lowlevel testing at the
end of this month.

Cheers, Marcus

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