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xbanner & bootpd

     I installed both xbanner and all recommended files for it in Debian
     1.31 and it comes up with an error of "Xbanner MSG: * Could not get
     the font, using 'fixed'"  I have tried to install any font package
     under X and still get this message.

     1. How do I get this font?
     2. How do I modify the message and stile of the banner?

     Also, I have bootp on my system and I have it set up to give out IP
     addresses to some network devices.  It gives the addresses out fine
     but I have to type bootpd at the command line whenever I reboot the
     machine.  I have a bootp script in the init.d directory and have tried
     to follow the instructions on how to create the rest but so far it has
     not worked.

     Thanks for any help.

     Brian Schramm

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