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Re: procmail and smail

Catalin Popescu <cpopescu@ottonel.pub.ro> writes:

> Does anybody have any idea what should I put in my .forward file to get
> procmail working. I've already put 
> "|IFS=' '&&p=/usr/bin/procmail&&test -f $p&&exec $p -Yf-||exit 75 
> in .forward and took a procmailrc from the examples, but it does not work.
> I have smail and not sendmail. Is this causing the problem?

In addition to what others may have told you, make certain that the
permissions on your .forward file don't allow group or other write
access.  That is, do a:
  chmod go-w .forward
Also, look in your smail logfiles to see if there's a clue as to
what's going on.

I think that the protections issue is a smail-specific feature.

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