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Re: Kernel Configurations


	My initial posting seems to have been misunderstood. I meant,
 *do* drop the old .config file in, so that when you re-run make
 config, the old answers would be the default. The reasons for running
 the make config again is that you catch any totally new config

	I do not think it likely that config option shall morph into
 other config option names.

	I do, in fact, regularily just drop my old .config file in,
 and just re run make menuconfig. 


>>"Kristian" == Kristian Strickland <debian@nirvana.mta.ca> writes:

Kristian> Hi,
>> Newer kernels sometimes have new config options, so just dropping
>> an old .config file in does not always work. My advice is to always
>> run make (menu.x)?config again.
>> manoj

Kristian> Well, a new kernel release would have to suddenly change the
Kristian> names for some of its options (not to say that it won't),
Kristian> such as CONFIG_BLK_DEV_FD (for your floppy drive) being
Kristian> changed to CONFIG_MATH_EMULATION.  Looking at the .config
Kristian> file shows that things that you want are set to "y" and
Kristian> things that you don't are commented out, so dropping in an
Kristian> old .config would work provided the above (admittedly far
Kristian> out) example didn't happen, and the loss would be not
Kristian> getting the latest'n'greatest kernel features in your
Kristian> latest'n'greatest kernel. That being said, I wouldn't (and
Kristian> in fact didn't) drop in an old .config file, but would run
Kristian> make [menu|x]config again while more'ing my old .config in
Kristian> another console or window.  You _do_ still have your old
Kristian> kernel sources at this point in your upgrade, don't you ;^)

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