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Re: Kernel Configurations


>         Newer kernels sometimes have new config options, so just
>  dropping an old .config file in does not always work. My advice is to
>  always run make (menu.x)?config again.
>         manoj       

	Well, a new kernel release would have to suddenly change the names for
some of its options (not to say that it won't), such as CONFIG_BLK_DEV_FD (for
your floppy drive) being changed to CONFIG_MATH_EMULATION.  Looking at the
.config file shows that things that you want are set to "y" and things that you
don't are commented out, so dropping in an old .config would work provided
the above (admittedly far out) example didn't happen, and the loss would be
not getting the latest'n'greatest kernel features in your latest'n'greatest
	That being said, I wouldn't (and in fact didn't) drop in an old .config
file, but would run make [menu|x]config again while more'ing my old .config
in another console or window.  You _do_ still have your old kernel sources at
this point in your upgrade, don't you ;^)


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