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problem with The GIMP and XFree86 in hamm...

Just a little question, has anybody had any problems with the gimp and
hamm? I downloaded the .deb package from va.debian.org and installed it,
all went well, and i installed the gimp-data-min stuff as well. When I
fireup GIMP, no other apps running but afterstep and The GIMP on a box
with 64 megs of physical ram, and a 176 meg swap file, gimp crashes the
whole box.

The first time I tried, I tested it on a dx4-100 w/ 32 megs and a 18 meg
swap, crashed the whole box, freezing up my consoles and xfree86, and the
2nd time from that box, dual ppro 150 w/ the above memory resources, and
it froze up xfree (although I could still move the mouse but not click
anything or use the keyboard) and when I go to another console using the
Ctrl + Meta + F# key's, I can't type but can move the mouse around using
GPM. All my libs are upgraded to the new version (with the exception of a
few needed by communicator) and I have not been able to get GIMP to work
as of yet. Any assistance into why I may be experiencing problems with
this, would be appreciated greatly.


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