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Re: Win95 and Linux: Was: Verified Re: Unidentified subject!

David E. Scott wrote:

> Steve,
>         Thanks for the note, I've put comments interspersed in the quoted text
> below, as that seems to be the pattern with members of this list.
> Dave

Sounds good to me

> Stephen Carpenter wrote:
> >
> >> Will it boot anything?
> Yes, it would boot linux, but gave the "you don't have a disk in your
> boot device" error message, press enter to continue.... <Grrr> :)

Damnit damnit :) don'cha hate that...btw does this machine have a DDO on the
A ddo is a "Dynamic DIsk Overlay, they are used on Big (ie  1.2 gig or so) drives
so that
older machines can use them without BIOS upgrades
(which for a machine without a flash BIOS...can run $60 easy)
Some DDOs wont boot a Non-DOS OS...like Lilo
the solution... fdisk /mbr the suckers :)

> > If it will boot linux and not win95..then you probably installed wrong
> > consult the file "/etc/lilo.conf" and the docs for lilo
> > (in /usr/doc/lilo<versioninfo> )
> I've been studing both over the past several days, in addition to other
> conversations, some offline, with other members of this list. The
> support has been terrific !!

I have notyiced the same thing

> > OTOH I would consider you luckey :) I just recently took
> > off Win95 completley and am running
> > Linux exclusively now.
> There are a whole suite of tools I'd need to be running on the linux
> side before I could make that switch. For example, I'd need to be
> running ppp and Navigator and Navigator's email before I'd consider
> dropping Win95. For another thing, I'd need a Word-like word processor
> and access to both the SCSI ZIP drive and the Cannon Bubble Jet 4300
> printer (the latter for resumes for both the wife and me) before I'd
> give up win95. The list goes on.... :)

I was saying that for the longest time..thren I just took the plunge...I am now
using Communiator (Netscape 4.04 ) for Linux...it is nice
works great!
ppp...not hard to setup at all...just takes a little time to learn...once you
know how..
its a piece of cake! (ocurse...after hardware failures...and all sorts of other
had to reinstall linux 5 times and re-do ppp each time...)
Word Processor....dunno...
there is emacs and sex for good editors...
as for more "Word Like"...check out Aplixware from RedHat...I saw a screen shot
of it...
looks at least as good as word...prtobably better
Zip drives.... check out Sunsite ..they have HOWTOs on Zip drives...
I just saw them today in fact
Printing is also rather easy under linux....
takes a few hours of reading docs...but once you do it...
you say "Damnit...now I feel stupid that it took me so long, that was easy"
(can you tell I been there and done that?)

> Just yesterday I decided to try the loadlin route and when it got done,
> I had a bunch of garbage added to my autoexec.bat so that it
> automatically went into loadlin every time I booted. In addition,
> because of the presence of the ZIP drive, I discovered that somewhere in
> the guts of Win95 there is a call to the Iomega guest program and it
> hangs there and never does make it into the DOS command prompt. That was
> the first time I'd tried to boot into DOS after I installed the ZIP
> drive. Didn't know I couldn't do that anymore.

> Too bad Loadlin doesn't run as a Windows application. I can set up a DOS
> boot diskette, but that sure seems gruesome and a last resort.

it could....you might be able to....
make a "Shortcut" to "command.com"
tell it that it has to run in DOS mode and that you wish to specify the
take out any "Guest" calls...and add the loadlin to the "fake" autoexec.bat that
you are using to specify the environment
(yes I ocasionally work in an un-orthodox manner...)

> That's the same deal about boot diskettes I mentioned above. I'd like to
> avoid them if possible.

I hate boot disks too..but sometimes they are a necissary evil

> One discussion thread has been along the lines of just what you
> mentioned: don't install it during the redhat install, but afterwards,
> build the lilo.conf by hand and tell it to put the lilo boot manager
> into the boot sector of the linux partition rather than in the MBR for
> the entire disk.

I only sai dthat because whejn _I_ installed Debian... lilo was broken...could
have been my crappy machine tho

> > As for RedHat...
> > What version of RedHat is it?
> 4.2

I only have 4.1 ...5.0 is really Windozy ...I didn't liek it...it5s also AFU

> > I started on RedHat an dam now a debian user
> > RedHat is great for Windows Users tho...good to get you addicted so you
> > switch completely to linux :)
> My guru sez that maybe Caldera is even more friendly to newbie's like me
> that are coming from the Windoze/Mac world.

never played with Cadera.....-Steve

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