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Re: Win95 and Linux: Was: Verified Re: Unidentified subject!

Stephen Carpenter wrote:
> > Stephen Carpenter wrote:
> > >> Will it boot anything?
> >
> > Yes, it would boot linux, but gave the "you don't have a disk in your
> > boot device" error message, press enter to continue.... <Grrr> :)
> Damnit damnit :) don'cha hate that...btw does this machine have a DDO on the
> drive?
> A ddo is a "Dynamic DIsk Overlay, they are used on Big (ie  1.2 gig or so) drives
> so that
> older machines can use them without BIOS upgrades
> (which for a machine without a flash BIOS...can run $60 easy)
> Some DDOs wont boot a Non-DOS OS...like Lilo
> the solution... fdisk /mbr the suckers :)

This is a recent Pentium II 233Mhz system and as far as I know there is
no DDO software in it. It's using, I believe, EIDE and was able to
cleanly address the entire 5Gig drive as one partition. 

> > Just yesterday I decided to try the loadlin route and when it got done,
> > I had a bunch of garbage added to my autoexec.bat so that it
> > automatically went into loadlin every time I booted. In addition,
> > because of the presence of the ZIP drive, I discovered that somewhere in
> > the guts of Win95 there is a call to the Iomega guest program and it
> > hangs there and never does make it into the DOS command prompt. That was
> > the first time I'd tried to boot into DOS after I installed the ZIP
> > drive. Didn't know I couldn't do that anymore.
> > Too bad Loadlin doesn't run as a Windows application. I can set up a DOS
> > boot diskette, but that sure seems gruesome and a last resort.
> >
> it could....you might be able to....
> make a "Shortcut" to "command.com"
> tell it that it has to run in DOS mode and that you wish to specify the
> environment...
> take out any "Guest" calls...and add the loadlin to the "fake" autoexec.bat that
> you are using to specify the environment
> (yes I ocasionally work in an un-orthodox manner...)

I did that and didn't notice any guest calls. Made me suspect that it
was getting kicked off some other way. I checked the usual .ini files in
/windows and /windows/system and also did a search thru the registry all
to no avail. 

What I need is a MSDOS grep so I can dig automatically thru all the
files on the system and look for any references to guest.exe.


--David E. Scott      Ohio Administrative Services
DaveScott@1000islands.com       acq_scott@ohio.gov

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