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Re: Win95 and Linux: Was: Verified Re: Unidentified subject!

On Tue, 3 Feb 1998, David E. Scott wrote:

> Bob Nielsen wrote:
> > StarOffice's swriter is somewhat Word-like and will import MSWord .doc
> > files.
> Bob,
> 	Thanks for that info - it's always useful to know a prospective package
> is "compatible" with the file format of the currently-used package. ;)

The scalc spreadsheet will import Excel files, as well.  There's a debian
installer package for StarOffice-3.1.  You can get the S.O. stuff from
ftp.gwdg.de.  I think Caldera also has it, but that is probably in .rpm
format.  Warning--it's big:

$ du -s /usr/lib/StarOffice-3.1
75345   /usr/lib/StarOffice-3.1


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