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Re: LPRng and Magicfilter


> I'm trying to print to a Novell 4.11 HP Laserjet 4 printer using a
> JetDirect Box using LPRng and Magicfilter.  I can print to it, but it
> prints out like this:

>                 THIS IS A TEST
>                                 THIS IS A TEST

> My printcap file looks like this:

> rlp|Remote HP LaserJet 4 printer entry
>         :lp=/dev/lp1
>         :rm=
>         :rp=PQ_MNS_HELPDESK_DPG_4

I don't know anything about LPRng _or_ Magicfilter, but I do know that your
rp entry is wrong.  JetDirect print server cards offer two services that you
can use as an rp, and they are "raw" (for PCL or PS files) and "text".  Change
your rp and the stairs should go away.

PS:  This should have been in your JetDirect manual... it was in mine.

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