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Re: man segmentation fault

On Mon, Feb 02, 1998 at 12:15:02AM +0100, Jens Ritter wrote:
> Gerald Wann <photonuv@kudos.net> writes:
> > Hello -
> > 
> > I am getting a segmentation fault whe i invoke man from the
> > command line. What are the possible causes of this error, please?
> > 
> This one reached the Faq-O-Matic. I said there:
> man or in this special case the binary from the package man-db uses a
> database (you guessed it already, no?), which sometimes can get
> corrupted. This database is updated once a week by
> /etc/cron.weekly/man-db. You can rebuild the database at any time by
> running man-db or mandb as root. If the segmentation faults do not
> vanish, keep looking.

This corruption is due to failed search in the man database by the
"info" program, don't know if because of a bug in bash or in info

The man-db version in experimental, compiled for "bo", takes care of
this. It is not in bo-unstable because it needs an updated "less" or
"more" package, or a PAGER var env set.

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