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Re: procmail and folders

Catalin Popescu <cpopescu@ottonel.pub.ro> writes:

> Thank you to everybody answering my question on procmail and smail. I've
> put the files .forward and .procmailrc, modified the USERNAME to my
> usernaname (ie cpopescu), but it still does not work. Do I have to create
> the files where procmail is supposed to save the incoming messages? Is
> there something wrong with permissions?

Could you say *what* didn't work?

Do you still get your mail just in one file or does it disappear or
something else?

You could also post your .forward and .procmailrc again, so we know what
you actually use now. And the output of ls -l $HOME/mail (or the directory
you store the sorted mail in) will be usefull.

You could also add the line


to the top of .procmailrc to get some more information about the process.


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