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NY Times article on Netscape and free software in general

Perhaps I missed any discussion of this article because I was off the
list for a few days while travelling but today's (Mon, Feb 2) New York
Times "Digital Commerce" column by Denise Caruso discusses Netscape's
decision to make the source code for version 5.0 of their browser
freely available.  I'm looking at the printed version and I haven't
searched out a URL for the electronic version.  Perhaps someone can
give the URL for this article.

Anyway the article has interesting things to say about Netscape's
decision and how it relates to other freely available software like
Linux.  One quote that caught my eye was
 "Linux source code is freely available over the Internet.  As a
  result, it is gaining in popularity; it is already a strong competitor 
  in the Unix market and is emerging as a viable competitor to
  Microsoft's Windows NT, which now commands more than 35 percent of the 
  sub-$25,000 network server market, according to Kimball Brown, a
  senior analyst for the market research firm Dataquest"
                                                     Denise Caruso
                                                     Digital Commerce
                                                     New York Times 02/02/98

If anyone would have told me when I started using Linux that it would
be classed as "a strong competitor in the Unix market" and "a viable
competitor to Microsoft's Windows NT" in the business section of the
N.Y. Times by early 1998, I would have said they were a little out of
touch with reality.  I'm happy that I would have been wrong.

She mentions RedHat by name and quotes Marc Ewing, a co-founder of the 
company.  She does not mention Debian by name.

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