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Re: hamm (fresh) install considerations

On 01 Feb 1998 22:42:53 EST, Ben Pfaff wrote:
> I'm considering a fresh hamm install, however I haven't found much 
> information about installing hamm fresh.  I presume that bash and libc 
> would be non-issues (at least for installation), but beyond that, what 
> can I expect, in terms of errors -- both quantity and complexity?
> There aren't any hamm install disks yet AFAIK.  You have to install
> bo, then upgrade to hamm.

Oh -- that wasn't what I expected.

> Also, I've always installed debian with cdrom and this time I want to 
> start with a hard drive install, but I only want to download selected 
> packages, then follow up with ftp.  Will dselect panic if many packages 
> in the list of available packages aren't on my hard drive?  If so, 
> what's a good way to generate a list of available packages, or is this 
> a bad thing?
> I think this will work.  But remember that upgrading to hamm replaces
> every package, not just a few, due to the fundamental glibc changes.
> This means that you end up downloading hundreds of megabytes for large
> installs.

Hmm.. I suppose I can install a base bo and upgrade that.

Thanks again Ben,
D a v i d   S t e r n                          

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