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Re: shell program menu

A. M. Varon hat gesagt: // A. M. Varon wrote:

> I would like to implement a shell program (preferebly in C programming.)
> where our users if they telnet to us, they would be given a menu instead
> of a shell. They just press "1" they get pine. They press "2" they get the
> vi editor, and so on and so forth.
> Is there a package for debian or anyone could point me to the right
> direction where I could get the script or whatever.

Get Joey's pdmenu package. 

Quoting the README:

What is Pdmenu?

        Pdmenu is a menuing system for Unix. It is designed to be easy to
        use, and is suitable for a login shell for inexperienced users, or 
        it can just be ran at the command line as a handy menu.

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