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Re: Netscape 4.04.... [Read this Please!]

>        I have been following various messages about Netscape 4.04, and it
>    seems to me that lots of people's NSN4 don't do Java properly, AND,
>    (Please correct me if i'm wrong), I haven't seen any successfull
>    reponses to mine or anyone else's messages about fixing this problem.
>        So! Will anyone who's NSN4 will do Java applets properly please
>    respond to this, then maybe we can figure out what those of us whose
>    Java does not work have missed.


I am sorry I have not been following the Netscape Navigator problems
threads properly.  I have been able to run java applets in Navigator
4.04 successfully.  But I installed NN 4.04 by hand under /usr/local.

What problems with java applets have you been having?

Here is my setup -

* Netscape files under /usr/local/netscape/
* Symbolic link from /usr/local/bin/netscape to
* Environment variable MOZILLA_HOME set to point to /usr/local/netscape

I suspect that your problem is probably because of MOZILLA_HOME.

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