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Re: Smail Question.

kc5vxy@juno.com (Kevin J Poorman) writes:

> this? has anyone have any idea how to fix it? ... I saw a post earlier on
> this list about a bug in Smail and inetd and they said to comment out the
> smail line in inetd (I configured it to run from Inetd) and HUP it ...
> How do you HUP it...(what is HUP?) could this be the problem? ... The
> runq command use to work .. until late yesterday.... 
HUP is a signal you give to a prozess. HUP means HANGUP. It causes inetd to
reread it's config files.

To send signals to prozesses you can use kill.

kill -HUP `pidof inetd` will send the HUP signal to inetd.

Don't forget to uncomment the mistankenly commented "in.smtp" line in
/etc/inetd.conf first.

See also "man kill" and "man 7 signal"


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