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Re: some problems

Yeoman@t-online.de (Volker Bauer) writes:

> On my system I don't find the Hisax modul. So how can I select it? With
> modconf there is no Hisax selection possible (no hisax.o under modules/
> or elsewhere). So I tried to built the "hisax.o" out of the "dummy.o" to
> get Hisax available, but it doesn't worked out. Then there is a
> selection possible (Hisax for siemens chips etc) but seems wrong
> (probalby because its bascially a dummy and not the original hisax.o
> which I can't find.
Ok, no Problem. If the installationdisks don't provide the hisax module,
then just build your own kernel with the hisax modules enabled.

Get the kernelsource package from hamm/binary/devel if you don't have one
already. The most recent debian kernelpackage is 2.0.32. And also the
kernel-package package (duh...), which will build a custom kernel for you.

Install these packages, then

cd /usr/src/linux
make xconfig   (if you have X) or make menuconfig (on the console)

Make you decisions about what to build into the kernel (use the help
function if uncertain)
When it comes to ISDN, you will be able to select HiSax. Select it as a
module. I think the teles driver has been droped in this kernelversion, so
can't select the wrong ISDN option ;-)

After finishing the configuration:
make-kpkg --revision custom.1.0 kernel_image

This will build the kernel and make a debian package out of it.

dpkg -i ../kernel*custom.1.0.*.deb will install it.

Reboot and try the steps from the prior posting.


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