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Re: some problems

Yeoman@t-online.de (Volker Bauer) writes:

> 2)ISDN - I have a creatix 16.0 card. I wonder how can I load the HiSax
> driver? With modconf just the telesdriver seems loadable ( what does
> this mean:teles is old. use HiSax instead? Does this mean Debian uses
> automaically HiSax instead or that it's up to me to install better
> HiSaX???) 

It means that the telesmodule is not maintained any more. The HiSax Module
also has support for the teles card. You have to recompile your kernel with
HiSax support. So get a kernel-source package from a debian mirror. 

> However I tried to built the telesmodul in the kernel but the system
> refuses to load it with irq 15, and I don't know how to change the
> irq.(command line doesn't worked either. Under Win95 the setting is okay
> with irq 2.) I have downloaded the HiSax doku, but still wonder how it
> works. I miss the "hisax.o" on my system, but where can I get it?
> (Isdn4kutils installed)
Aah, so you have a kernelsource but didn't select Hisax and the Hisax
telesmodule. Just do this. 

Then: add "hisax" to /etc/modules and edit /etc/conf.modules. Insert a line
like: options hisax  type=15 protocol=2 io=0x100 irq=10 

Consider README.HiSax in the kernelsource to find out about the appropriate
settings for your card.

You could also check the newsgroup de.alt.comm.isdn4linux for help. Read
before posting, please.


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