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Re: some problems

Martin Bialasinski wrote:
> > However I tried to built the telesmodul in the kernel but the system
> > refuses to load it with irq 15, and I don't know how to change the
> > irq.(command line doesn't worked either. Under Win95 the setting is
> okay
> > with irq 2.) I have downloaded the HiSax doku, but still wonder how
> it
> > works. I miss the "hisax.o" on my system, but where can I get it?
> > (Isdn4kutils installed)

> Aah, so you have a kernelsource but didn't select Hisax and the Hisax
> telesmodule. Just do this.

Hi Matin,

Thanks for reply. Well, I would do it instantely, just I don't know how.
On my system I don't find the Hisax modul. So how can I select it? With
modconf there is no Hisax selection possible (no hisax.o under modules/
or elsewhere). So I tried to built the "hisax.o" out of the "dummy.o" to
get Hisax available, but it doesn't worked out. Then there is a
selection possible (Hisax for siemens chips etc) but seems wrong
(probalby because its bascially a dummy and not the original hisax.o
which I can't find.

> Then: add "hisax" to /etc/modules

How? That's the crucial point. :)

> and edit /etc/conf.modules. Insert a line
> like: options hisax  type=15 protocol=2 io=0x100 irq=10

Like you suggested I add the parameters for the card (I watched the
hisaxdoku) there and tried, and tried... 
> Consider README.HiSax in the kernelsource to find out about the
> appropriate
> settings for your card.
> You could also check the newsgroup de.alt.comm.isdn4linux for help.
> Read
> before posting, please.

Okay. I checked them. Some relevant postings, but basically I don't know
how to built up the Hisax modul. If I would be able to select them with
modconf it would be great. Hiowever Isdn4utils is correct installed I
guess, anything else to consider? I'm running in cirlces, sot to say...

Any further idea? Thanks a lot. The system is Debian 1.3.1. I have
installed the Isdn4utils with dselect and allseems to go right. No
problems occured.

regards, Volker

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