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Re: Smail config for a ppp box


I also have problems understanding smail. My guess is that the debian
package dont contain all documentation.

I have the almost the same problem as didier belot wrote about.
I call my home network localnet an my prvider is canit.se.
I can send mail to everyone but them on canit.se.so it's a very similar

When I tried to configure smail I directly run in to problem. To start
what is a driver? and what drivers ar valid ?? from the already
installed configuration files I gues that tcpsmtp is a valid driver but
I made a grep on al smail doc I have on my system and that gave no hit.
This makes me think that I miss some type of doc.

 What dose driver smartuser do and smarthost ?

all I really need is that when a local driver fail to deliver I send it
over smtp to mail.canit.se.
I was quite close to do this but the mail got stuck in the mailqueue

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