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Re: Smail config for a ppp box

Well, much as I prefer the smail configuration I have (on
http://www.math.jhu.edu/~martind/mybox.html) on my machine, (although
really your setup seems to be fine) here's how to do what you want:

Put the following at the _end_ of your /etc/smail/directors file (it
must be at the end; otherwise you'll have other problems, like mail
intended for root at your machine going to root at your isp!)


This will tell smail that if it receives something for whoever@avo.fr, 
and that doesn't match a valid local address, then it should not treat 
the mail as local.

Most mail programs' documentation doesn't seem made for the typical
ppp system.

didier Belot <dib@avo.fr> writes:

> hello everybody!
> I'm afraid that's not the first time this question is coming,
> sorry for that (and for my poor english)
> -Speaking of Debian 1.3 and Smail 3.2.3-
> Well, using the debian.config script from installation, I have the following files:
> /etc/smail/config:
> <cut>
> visible_name=avo.fr
> -domains
> hostnames=seth.avo.fr:avo.fr
> <cut>
> /etc/smail/routers
> smart_host:
>   driver=smarthost, transport=smtp;
>   path=mail.avo.fr
> That OK for the From: and Reply-To: fields, wich are correctly filled, and for most of the mail I send
> But How can I mail to somebody_else@avo.fr ? (avo.fr is my ISP Domain Name)

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