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Re: Weird /tmp permission/ownership problem

Alexander Stavitsky wrote:

> I'm using relatively current hamm.
> All of a sudden my /tmp is owned by user 1000, group 1000 permission 755
> That led to discovery of unfixed bug with dpkg & dpkg-dev (all their files
> are owned by user/group 1000/1000).
> But that doesn't explain the mysterious change of ownership/permission of
> /tmp. I've changed all incorrect files from dpkg/dpkg-dev to root.root
> Shortly after /tmp went back to permission 755 but now without change in
> ownership. All of this is really weird.
> Has anybody else experienced this?
> Also - how can track down the process that changes /tmp permissions?

I am using Debian 1.3.1, that I have installed only few days ago.
Last friday, meanwhile I was connected to the Net via ppp, the Afterstep WM
crashed. No way to restart it.
Afterstep writes some kind of information into /tmp. Only some time after I
realized that the permissions of /tmp were no longer:


and Afterstep was no longer able to write into that directory.

I have no idea about who or what could have changed the permissions. I also
carefully looked to tcp daemons logs, but did not find anything strange.

Hope this help.



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