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Re: Debian, xfree86 and netscape...

smorrill <smorrill@oro.net> writes:

> Sorry all, if this is too far off topic...
> I've got debian 1.3 up and running on my amd 586, can get thru to my isp
> via minicom and on the 'net with lynx.  I just got netscape ver 3.04
> installed, but I've missed something..  I startx, connect to my isp
> using minicom, but can't get netscape to "connect".  Is this a ppp
> issue, or as usual, something simple I've overlooked?

By "connect using minicom" I assume you mean that you don't do ppp,
but instead just do a terminal-based login.  In that case, OF COURSE
netscape won't connect - there's no way for it to connect.  I assume
that the lynx you're using isn't running on your machine, but instead
on your ISP's machine.  If so, there's no reason to expect that you'd
be able to use netscape; you don't have any kind of TCP/IP connection
to the net.

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