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Re: fetchmail fails with smtp error

hilliard@metrolink.net (Robert D. Hilliard) writes:

>      On my hamm system, fetchmail fails with the following message:
> bob:vc-2:bob>fetchmail
> fetchmail: 29 messages at hilliard@post.metrolink.net.
> reading message 1 (4310 bytes) ..fetchmail: SMTP connect to (null)
> failed
> fetchmail: SMTP transaction error while fetching from
> post.metrolink.net
>      I have installed fetchmail_4.3.4-1.deb, ppp_2.3.2-2.deb, a
> custom-compiled 2.0.32 kernel, and bash_2.01-5.deb.
>      My .fetchmailrc file is:
> poll post.metrolink.net proto pop3 user hilliard password <mypw> smtp localhost
>      I have used this .fetchmailrc file in bo for at least six months
> with no difficulties.  (The man page in hamm lists "smtphost" instead
> of "smtp"; I tried this without effect.)
>      Has anyone encountered this?  Does anyone know what is wrong?

I think I've heard odd things about networking on hamm not knowing
about localhost - tell me, is localhost mentioned in /etc/hosts?  Can
you telnet to localhost?  What does /etc/host.conf look like?

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