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Something You Might Be Able to Use

Words  Lines & Phrases 
creative and editorial services 
      Imagine this. You have a document. It might be an annual report,
or your first novel, or even a series of article for a newspaper or
magazine.  But no matter what it is you need one good set of eyes to
scrutinize those printed pages and make sure that they?re flawless.  The
spelling, grammar, punctuation, format and and content have to be
absolutely perfect.  You could also want a more in-depth copy edit, or a
little added creative insight as well. You could need someone to write
the whole thing for you. But no matter what you need the job to be why
not hand it over to a team of editors who can turn it around in less
time and with more effort for the same price as that one good person.
Why not?  
        My name is Kenji Jasper and I am the founder and senior editor
of Words Lines and Phrases, a brand new creative and editorial services 
firm that builds the bridge that gets your point across.  We write. We
edit. We create. No matter how big or small a job it may be we?re ready
and more than willing to turn it around for you in the most efficient
and effective manner possible. Aside from our editors we have writers,
photographers and artists to meet your needs as well. Most importantly
we don?t just work on your 9 to 5 clock schedule. We?ll push it 24 hours
a day and 7 days a week until it gets done without you having to worry
about benefits or paying overtime.  We agree on a rate, draw up a
contract and that?s it.  I think the rest speaks for itself.   
     If  we?ve convinced  you or at least gotten you interested you can
give us a call at 404-607-0055 or you can e-mail your orders or
questions to us at jasperk@accessatlanta.com.  Look for our website in
early 1998.  We hope to hear from you soon.


                                                Kenji Jasper

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