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Re: fetchmail fails with smtp error

On Mon, 05 Jan 1998, Daniel Martin (dtm12@jhunix.hcf.jhu.edu) wrote:

> I think I've heard odd things about networking on hamm not knowing
> about localhost - tell me, is localhost mentioned in /etc/hosts?  Can
> you telnet to localhost?  What does /etc/host.conf look like?

/etc/hosts:		localhost			bobspc		 bobspc.metrolink.net	

order hosts,bind
multi on

     I have successfully tested "telnet localhost" with three levels
of recursion.  However, since this was an upgrade from rex to hamm, the network
configuration was not done by hamm.

     My original problem was fixed by following the suggestion by
Scott Ellis <storm@gate.net>, as follows:

> Yep, the latest smail package messes up if you want it installed in
> /etc/inetd.conf instead of as a daemon.  Uncomment the line in inetd.conf
> and HUP inetd.

     However fixing that so that smtp was available revealed another
problem.  smail didn't know about localhost, and put all incoming mail
in the queue to be sent back to the sender as "bob@localhost is an
unknown address".  I fixed this by adding "localhost" to the third
line of /etc/smail/config, making the first section read:

     This is in the hamm partition; in my bo partition it still
works fine with "hostnames=bobspc".  This suggests that what "you've
heard about networking on hamm not knowing about localhost" is true,
and perhaps smail is the problem.  It doesn't appear to be due to a
/etc/hosts being misconfigured.


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