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setup help....

I am new to debian, 

and have a few questions.

1) boot reports SCSI: no device found (WD7000 SCSI Card).

  -- It is right(!), I have no scsi, and no scsi module in my /etc/modules.
  -- Why does it try to find one? is this OK??

2) I find no man(1) command, and all the /usr/man/* pages are compressed,
is some further installation step needed?

3) At boot I get a mesage:
   lp: no device found

   I have teh standard parallel port..

4) I loaded from CDROM, and at boot it recognizes it;
   hdc: FX001DE, ATAPI CDROM Driver

   How do I mount it?
   I tried mount -t isofs -f /dev/hdc0 /cdrom

    and lots of variations, (-t msdos, hdc1, hdc, ...),
    the mount doesn't complain, but does not make the device useable.

5) How do I modify the initial setup, e.g. further devices, 
   do I re-run the recovery disk? or run "dselect"?

6) How do I switch from a tty like interface to something... reasonable?

7) I see the FAQs on the CDROM, but they are not properly named, (although
the trans.tbl knows this..), so I suspect they are there to be installed; how?

8) is there an archive of this mailing list?
Thanks! I'm soure these are probably FAQ's, but I didn't (yet) find the
relevant information.
Dr. Gregory Guthrie
guthrie@mum.edu         (515)472-1125    Fax: -1103
Computer Science Department
       College of Science and Technology
       Maharishi University of Management
      (Maharishi International University 1971-1995)

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