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Re: Energy Star screensaver?

> I believe that my video card and monitor are capable of powering down
> the monitor through software; is there any way to get Debian to make
> this happen?  I would like both text and X11 to be able to do this...
> Any help would be appreciated.

This is more or less true for all (Intel?)-Linux systems capable of DPMS.
For text mode (simply execute at bootup):
  echo -n "Setting DPMS for text console: "
  setterm -blank 5 -powersave on  # dpms on
  echo -en "\033[9;8]"            # suspend after 10 min
  echo -en "\033[14;10]"          # off after 30 min
  echo "done."

And for X11 (in /etc/X11/XF86Config):
Section "Device"
    Identifier  "Videokarte"
    VendorName  "Matrox"
    BoardName   "Millennium"
    ChipSet     "mga2064w"
    VideoRam    4096
    Option      "power_saver"
Section "Screen"
    Driver      "svga"
    Device      "Videokarte"
    Monitor     "Bildschirm"
    DefaultColorDepth 16

    BlankTime   5
    StandbyTime 8
    SuspendTime 10
    OffTime     15

    Subsection "Display"

As you can see this is for a Matrox Millennium, the monitor is a Belinea 
10 70 50 (DPMS capable). The settings in the Section "screen": Blank-,
Standby-, Suspend- and OffTime have defaults like the 'setterm' for the
text mode. The XF86Config is well documentated, the 'setterm' is not. I
read in the news that you have to read the source of 
'drivers/char/vesa_blank.c' in the kernel tree in order to get these codes.

For me those work well an the screen is activated trough key press or mouse
mouvement (gpm on the console).

> --Bill.


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